Home Visit Hearing Test Harlow

Home Visit Hearing Test

Loveday Opticians & Hearing Care now offers professional home hearing assessments in the Harlow region. Before the home visit, our clinical audiologist will conduct an initial assessment to better understand your unique needs. During the home visit, we’ll use the latest equipment to assess your hearing and provide guidance tailored to your requirements. If hearing aids are required, we’ll assist you in selecting the most suitable type and technology level for your lifestyle. We maintain transparent pricing for our hearing aids, ensuring they are priced no higher than in our practice.

This comprehensive appointment may take up to 90 minutes, and we encourage you to have a loved one present if possible.

The cost of a home visit hearing assessment is £250.

home hearing test harlow

At-Home Care Packages

Our at home care packaged is designed for our domiciliary patients to ensure they continue to enjoy the benefits of their hearing aids.
We offer a PAYG services which includes service, aftercare and hearing test and rehabilitation.
Or you can buy a 3 or 5 years package as a reduced price.

  • PAYG- £300
  • 3 YEARS PACKAGE- £810
  • 5 YEARS PACKAGE -£1170

What’s included? Wax Guards, Annual Hearing Test, Wax Removal, Rehabilitation. Minor repairs will need to posted into us recorded and insured.