Numerous factors can contribute to the accumulation of earwax. For some individuals, a natural tendency to produce excess earwax leads to frequent blockages. Common causes of earwax buildup encompass:

  • Excessive Wax Production: Certain individuals naturally generate more earwax.
  • Narrow or Hairy Canals: Overly narrow or hairy ear canals can impede proper wax drainage.
  • Aging and Dryness: Elderly individuals may experience dry, hardened earwax due to natural changes.
  • Bony Growths: The presence of bony growths within the ear canal can obstruct wax flow.
  • Unsafe Habits: Inserting cotton buds into the ear can inadvertently push wax deeper.
  • Device Use: Wearing hearing aids or in-ear headphones might inadvertently push wax further into the ear canal.